Few days back when a report came in front that US agency PRISM has access to all eMail account on Gmail, Yahoo and so on, and they are spying, logging into your eMail and Facebook accounts. Later all these eMail providers and Social Media has denied such report but report was able to create a fear in users mind.

MailPile, Open Source eMail

Now a new service called MailPile is in pipeline which is trying to get enough funds so that they can launch a stable version in summer 2014, it’s a very long time but in this time new features will be added and beta features will become stable too.

MailPile is an open source project which means if you are having enough knowledge and you are sure that you can play with code then you can dig into source code and audit it. This project is created by 3 software developers from Iceland who had experience in same field.

Being an open source means you will have full control over it like email storage which means you can host your install of mailpile on your laptop, desktop, Raspberry PI or a server in the cloud. Or put it on a USB stick and carry it in your pocket.

You can also encrypt data so that no unauthorized user can take a sneak peek on it. Developers also said that OpenPGP signatures and encryption are part of Mailpile’s core design, not an afterthought or plugin.

What else you get :-

  • Powerful Search
  • Ad free
  • Self hosted
  • Full privacy
  • Spam detection
  • Import from your Gmail

Team has said that they will release it soon even if they where unable to raise enough funds, however some features where not be able to make in final release and take some more time to come.


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