Tomorrow software giant Microsoft is going to hold an event where they will preview their upcoming OS, the Windows 10. Microsoft will showcase some of the best features of this new Operating System and this event will be hosted at Microsoft’s Washington office. Microsoft has invite all to this event but if somehow you are not able to physically attend this event but still you are curious to watch the keynote of this event then you can watch it live.

Windows 10 Banner

This is the first press event held by Microsoft in 2015 and company is also streaming this event live for those who are not able to physically attend this event. This event will kick off from 9 AM PST 21 January 2015, and you can visit to watch it live.

At this time this website shows a big Windows 10 banner along with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, but when clock reaches 9 AM PST 21 January 2015 time website will start live streaming of the event which you can watch.

As per some reports, some top most executive of company and Windows 10 will be there and will talk about its new features and how it will be useful for students, home and business class, company will also tell how it has integrated Windows 10 with cloud computing as clouding computing is seems to be a big and major thing in near future.


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