iOS, Android and Windows Phone are the three major platform which you find nowadays in market and most of us usually changes our smartphone very frequently, one problem which you must face while shifting from one device to another is that these platform’s does not comes with an out of the box way to transfer contacts between them. There are some third-party apps which helps you to do so but many of them are again not easy to use. But today we had got PhoneSwappr, a freeware app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

PhoneSwappr is a cross-platform tool which comes very handy while switching phone or if you are going to reset your device then you can use this PhoneSwappr to store your contacts on the cloud.

PhoneSwappr Select Sync Type

Once you download and install this app on your old device, once its installed you are ready to go, just launch this app and on first screen you will find option whether you want to upload contacts or download, just select the Send Contacts options. Within few minutes it will upload your contacts on their secure server and provide you a secrete key which you will need to get contacts on your new device. A copy of your contacts will be saved on their server for next 7 days and then it will be automatically deletes.

PhoneSwappr Uploaded

Now get your new device and download and install PhoneSwappr app on it, once its install launch it and now tap on Get Contacts option on it, and it will ask for your secrete secrete key which you had got o your old device and that’s it, just wait for a moment and your will have your all contacts on your device.

PhoneSwappr Download Contacts To New Device

One limitation on this app is that if you are using this app on your Windows Phone device then if you delete this app then all contacts will be deleted as well, so if you are on Windows Phone device then sync them with your Microsoft account. There is no such issue with Android or iOS device.

The same app is also available for BlackBerry devices but there it only allows you to upload contact and there is no option to download contacts.

Download PhoneSwappr


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