Today, Lapcare, one of the leading brands in smartphone, tablet and laptop accessories has announced a new headphone under its YO series, the LapcareYO LMH 207 which is an sturdy headphone and the USP of this device is that company is taunting it as an unbreakable headband which seems to be a great deal for those people who like to enjoy music while in Gym or while tough outdoor treks.

LapcareYO LMH  207

LapcareYO LMH207 features an unbreakable headband, providing the ultimate sturdiness. The adjustable headband offers a comfortable grip which is perfect for long hour usage, it features noise cancellation function, which lets you listen your favorite music or chat, without any ambient noise interference and you will get a crisp and excellent sound clarity, the headphone sports a mic, allowing you to answer calls, while enjoying your music.

At launch, Mr. Sandeep Popli, COO, Lapcare, said

“At Lapcare we proactively observe customer behavior trends and quickly come up with the right products. Today’s youth are a lot more fitness conscious and travel for leisure very frequently. This active lifestyle requires products which are sturdy and durable. Lapcare’s new offering – the LHM 207 headphone , is a great fit with its twin features of, an unbreakable and adjustable headband, providing sturdiness and a comfortable grip at the same time. We strongly believe the product will appeal to our customers.”

Lapcare YO! LMH 207 headphone is available Rs 919 and comes in two design options- trendy hi gloss floral and vibrant solid colors. The product comes with a warranty of 12 months with extra one month on registering product on lapcare website.


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