Recently Google has revamped their email service in years, the Gmail, the new UI looks clean and minimal as well, and not only this, company has also introduced bunch of new features like ‘Snooze e-mail’ feature which notify you about the email at a later date,  Confidential Mode, which allows you to send self-destructive e-mails which will be deleted automatically at the particular said time, and lots of new features were announced and slowly they will be making their way.

Last week in Google I/O 2018 Google has made lots of announcements and some of them were related to Gmail, and the most exciting was smart compose, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to suggest auto complete suggestions which lets you type emails faster.

Video To Enale Gmail’s New Smart Compose

This feature is in rolling out phase and might take some time to reach you, if you want this to try now then you can do it by following below steps –

#1 Enable New Gmail

First you have to enable new Gmail, for this just login to your Gmail account and click on the gear icon on the top right and then click on “Try the new Gmail”. The page will be reloaded and once its reloaded, you will have new Gmail.

Try New Gmail

#2 Enable Experimental Access

Now second and last step, we need to enable Experimental Access, and for this again click on Gear icon at top right corner and then navigate to settings and scroll down a bit and enable Experimental Access and save changes.

Enable Smart Compose Gmail

That’s it, now click on compose button and start composing emails and you will notice that it will auto suggest you replies on the basis of your email.

Gmail Auto Compose

Like in above example, I have just entered the recipients email address and it has suggested me Hi Shubham And Akshat as soon as I started writing email.


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