Have you got some private data which you want to hide from other user? Well you can hide files but its an old way of making data private.

Steganography is an art of writing message in such a way that only sender and recipient will be able to read it and no one can suspect about secret message.

Steganography is a freeware which allows you to hide files/data in image file (JPEG or JPG) without giving any idea that you had hided a file in that image.

How To Fide Files With Steganography

User interface is very simple, you don’t need any skill to hide your archive file (ZIP or RAR) in any image. All you have to do is download and install this app, when you launch you will see two tabs, Create and Open. By default Create tab.


It will ask you to select an image inside which you wanna hide archive, then select archive which you wanna hide, then provide output file a name and location and click on Create and you are done.

How To Hide Files

Just open same app and navigate to Open tab browse the image file from which you wanna extract files and then click on Open.


Final Verdict On Steganography

This app is very nice but only one limitation which I thought is that this doesn’t support password protection, which means if anyone knows this technique then he can open and view your files.



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