After waiting of so much years finally Apple has launched its iTunes store in India, iTunes Store allows you to buy music, albums or movies too. You can also rent movies too. You can buy musics songs at the price of Rs.12-15 each and albums are priced Rs. 72-108/-

Movies are priced from Rs 290-490 for SD and HD respectively. At this time TV shows are not available on iTunes store like it is in US store but we hope Apple will add them too very soon.

You can download any track or album very easily, process is very same as you do with apps. At this time Flipkart has its own store for buying songs but there is limit imposed by Flipkart. Apple has a good market share in tablets and smartphone, so launching its own local store is good for them.

At this time Nokia too allows its users to download songs from collection of 4.5 millions songs but movies are not available on it.

Apple has also launched iTunes Match service which allows you to re-download you any previously downloaded music and store them on iCloud at price of Rs. 1200/- per year. Same service is available in US for $25 per year


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