From several days it was expected that Google will launch its on Cloud based service, Google Drive very soon, some web sites were saying that Google will launch it on 24 April 2012 but nothing is made anything public by the company so far.

But recently an Google Employee was giving presentation at a university in Brazil and the interface of Google Drive just showed up in the presentation.

This happen when João Itaqui’s (Google Enterprise director in Brazil) was giving presentation on a seminar and some attendees noticed that there is an option called Drive (just between Sites and Calendar) in his Google Toolbar (refer image).

It is expected that Google will provide 5 GB of free space for all and if you need more space then you can go for premium plan.Previously Google Drive app has appeared on iTunes store too.

Lets wait and see when Google official will comment on it, if you had anything to say thenuse comment section to share your views.



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