As you all know Mozilla will released final version of Firefox 4.0 on 22nd March, But today they had released the second RC version of it.

Let me tell you something about it :-

Firefox 4 RC is based on the Gecko 2.0 Web platform.This Firefox 4 RC is considered to be stable and safe to use for daily web browsing, though the features and content may change before the final product release. At this time many Add-ons may not yet have been tested by their authors to ensure that they are compatible with this release.

What’s new in this version :-

    • Blacklisted a few invalid HTTPS certificates
    • Updated localizations for 29 locales
    • Added Vietnamese localization, bringing the total languages available in Firefox 4 to 83

You may use following link to download it :-

Download Link (Windows, EN)

Download Link (Mac OS X, EN)

Download Link (Linux, EN)

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