Many of you had might downloaded and installed Windows 8 Developer Preview which is released  by Microsoft sometime back for developers.

Windows 8 comes with an Aero Lite default theme which is know as replacement for Windows Basic Theme present in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

As Aero Lite is a basic theme and Aero Glass is not enable or active in it, but our friends at Winunleaked as found a trick/ bug in Windows 8 which will enable the Aero Glass in Aero Lite Theme.

Aero Lite Theme Without Aero Glass


Aero Lite Theme With Aero Glass


To get it :-

  • First enable Aero Lite Theme by right clicking on desktop and then select Personalize,
  • Once you had enabled Aero Lite Theme, launch run dialog box by pressing Win Key + R and the type :-


  • It will bring up a window saying Upgrade successful,


  • That’s it now you had Aero Glass enabled in Aero Lite theme,


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