You might had downloaded several Transformation/ Customization/ Skin Pack to change the look of your system, we had shared many such Transformation Packs for Windows, Linux And Macs too.

Now if you want to create your own customization pack and share it with your friends then here is a awesome utility for you, hameddanger at DA has created SkinPack InstallerSystem.

This easy to use utility allows you to create a customization pack, all you had to do is download and launch this utility, it allows you to replace several DLL, EXE, and theme files of the systems.

When you launch this utility it shows many buttons and you had to click on buttons and the select the desire resource files for it and so on, you can click on Help to know more and take help, Once you are done click on Create Setup to create Skin Pack.

SkinPack Installer

This utility comes with some useful tools which you may need while creating Skin Pack like Resource Hacker, Resource Extractor, Renamer and Convert PNG to BMP.

If you too wanna create your own customization pack then you must use this tool to create setup file easily.You must note that currently it supports only Windows 7 32 Bit, 64 Bit version will come soon.



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