Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Shut Down Computer By Scheduling It

Many time while working on computer we have to leave computer with some work running on it, so you can schedule the shut down time of it and set it to be shut down when task is finished.

How To Redirect Old WordPress Domain To New One

As you guys know that TechnoArea was first has a second level domain, TechnoArea.Co.Cc, and then we moved to first level domain, TechnoArea.In. But as you had changed your domain name your...

Red Alienware Skin Pack For Windows 7

Sometime back we had shared a dark version of Alienware Pack for Windows 7 users, which is liked by many users. Actually if you ware a gaming fan then you must know...


Opera Mini To Be Launched On Windows Phone Platform Soon

After so much of waiting it seems soon Windows Phone users will be able to surf internet using popular mobile internet browser, Opera Mini...