Earlier we had told you that Nokia is building Windows Phone which are codenamed after James Bond Movies and now popular tipster @evleaks has posted some screenshots and claimed that Nokia Moneypenny would comes in single and dual SIM variant.

It is highly possible that dual SIM variant is targeted for emerging markets like India. In addition to dual SIM, Nokia Moneypenny would support 4G, Nokia Moneypenny would be Nokia Lumia 635.


In another leak screenshot we can see live tiles on the Moneypenny’s Start screen for Nokia MixRadio, HERE Maps, Internet Explorer, Photos, SkyDrive, Microsoft Office, Instagram, Asphalt 8, Vine and Vimeo app for Windows Phone.


Another thing to note is that Nokia Moneypenny would have 3 onscreen touch buttons, back, Start and Bing Search, not the capacitive touch buttons which we see in nowadays Windows phone. If we go through on-going news then Microsoft is planning to get rid on capacitive buttons in future and will have on-screen buttons.


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