Thursday, May 13, 2021

Official Twitter And Facebook Accounts of Google

Twitter and Facebook are most used social networking sites not only by individuals but nowadays companies also used it to get in touch with its users and customers so that users...

Block Zorpia Spam “This is pretty interesting/ I love this, how about you?” From...

Nowadays there are lots of Social Networking sites out there in which you can stay connected with your friends and keep updated about them, Now what happens when you join those sites...

Mac Leopard Theme For Mozilla Thunderbird

I am using Mozilla Thunderbird from a very long time, its very simple and easy to use, I tried many other email clients but sometime they required manually adding servers name...

Start IDM Downloading At Windows Start Up

Internet Download Manager or simply IDM is the most widely used and advance download manager out there at present time, it can boast your download speed upto 5 time. You...

How To Use Google Web Fonts On Your Computer

Now you can download Google Web fonts and then install them on your Computer so that you can use them on MS Office or such like programs.

Add GOD MODE In Windows 7 Control Panel

If you want to access your so called God Mode which allows you to have all task at one place in Windows 7 faster and easily then add it to your Control Panel

[How To] Revoke Third Party Access To Your Google, Facebook and Twitter Account

As you use your online service you might have installed many apps on them, its good option to remove or revoke access of those apps from your account.

How To Switch To Microsoft Account From Local Account And Vice Versa In Windows...

In Windows 8 you can use you local account or your Microsoft account to login, if you wanna switch from one to another then here the way.

[How To] Pin Your Favorite Program Or Folder To My Computer

There are some programs or folder which you wants to access instantly and for this you can create a shortcut on your desktop or you can pin them to your taskbar...

Drag And Drop Files Or Folder To Command Line To Get Full Path

Yesterday night I was installing some patches and apps on my machine, in one step I was required to navigate to a certain folder via command line, typing full path of...


5 Free Best Alternatives For Adobe Dreamweaver

Most you are well aware of Adobe Dreamweaver,It is mostly used by professionals who works as web developer. Dreamweaver, edits files...