laptops are one of the main part of our life’s nowadays and slowly they are taking place of desktops, but to get it worked you must have fully charged battery and if your battery dies while you are on the go then there is no meaning of having laptop as its of no use.

You need to take care of your laptop and the most important part of your laptop is your battery as it’s the thing which keeps it alive.BATExpert is one of the freeware out there which lets know the status of your laptop.

You can always know the current status of your battery by just hovering your mouse over battery icon but isn’t its good if you much more information about it.


It’s a lightweight app and as soon as you install it, you are ready to go, you can launch it and you will get overview of your battery.

Features :-

  • Clear laptop battery manufacturer data decoding
  • Charge status
  • Current usage/charge rate
  • Battery type (chemistry) and temperature
  • Estimated time left before low level warning
  • User-friendly interface
  • Internationalization support

This app provide information like battery status, Manufacture, Chemistry, Health, Temperature and so on. This app also lets you find new battery as per your current battery specs and manufacture if you click on bottom button which says Find New Battery, if you click on it then you will be redirected to Amazon website.

You can download BATExpert from HERE.


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