No doubt on that CAPS LOCK key is the least used and one of the most hated key on your keyboard, even Google has removed it from its CR-48 notebook and added a Search key in replace of it.

Many times it happens that we accidently press Caps Lock key and without looking at screen type a whole sentence for paragraph and then realize that Caps Lock is on and then we have to delete that whole sentence or paragraph and write again.

We had already shared a trick with which you can disable Caps Lock key permanently.

Now we are here with another cool application which will notify you if you had caps lock on, earlier trick requires you to tweak with your registry settings, but here everything thing is very simple.


All you have to do is just download and install CaPNotifier, and every time you press Caps Lock key it will notify you on your notification area.


Once you turned Off your Caps Lock, you get notification for it too,


Not only this, this app will also notify you if you press or release SHIFT, CTRL or ALT key



You may use below link to download :-



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