We all know HTC is working on a new phone, HTC Bolt which might be placed just below its flagship series, and in past we have seen lots of rumors and leaks for the same devices from various sources, and there are some more leaks which are coming for this device and these leaks bring some more and this time there is something which we haven’t heard as of now and even we didn’t expect this.

HTC 10 Lifestyle

Latest leak LlabTooFer says this HTC Bolt may come with 5.5 inch Quad HD display screen, but what is shocking here is that HTC might use last year processor, Snapdragon 810 on this device, yes this chipset is one of the most questioned processors due to its heating issue, and most of the devices which used it, failed to impress their audience.

Till now what we have heard that HTC Bolt might drop support 3.5 mm jack in favor of USB Type-C port, it will have 3GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage which can be expandable via micro SD card, at rear you will have 18MP rear snapper.

All seems fine, but using an outdated processor which never performed well is something which we are not able to digest, well this can be only expected from HTC which still launch devices like Desire 10 with Snapdragon 400 processor which an 3 years old processor.


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