Tuesday, July 14, 2020


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Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Out, Download

Mozilla team has made many Beta and then 2 RC release of its upcoming Mozilla Firefox 4.0, and if you are using latest RC build then you might had got a...

Set Bing Homage Wallpaper As Google’s Background Image

Bing features a new wallpaper on its homepage every day, if you love those and wanna get same on your Google page then use this simple extension

Internet Explorer 9 Platform/Developer Preview 4 Released, Download

Microsoft has released the 3rd and final Platform/Developer Preview of its upcoming browser Internet Explorer 9. The Platform Preview is an early look at the Internet Explorer 9 platform so some features...

Opera 11.50 aka Swordfish Beta Released

Opera team has released the first Beta ,build 1035, version of its upcoming browser Opera 11.50 aka Swordfish. Opera team has managed to fix the POST search problem  but Speed Dial problem...

AdBlock Plus Now Available For Internet Explorer

AdBlock Plus is one of the most popular ad blocking extension across all web browsers. This extension is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera, last year AdBlock Plus team...

Opera 11 Out, Introduce Many New Features Like Tab Stacking, Visual Mouse Gestures Etc.

Opera is always known for its innovation and for its sleek look and design.If you take a look at all leading web browsers like , Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer...

Mozilla Firefox 9 Beta 1 Released

Mozilla team has released first Beta version of its upcoming browser Firefox 9 Beta 1, Mozilla Team has added following new features on it :- ...

BlackBerry and NantHealth Launch NantOmics Cancer Genome Browser

BlackBerry and NantHealth, a cloud-based information technology company has announced, the NantOmics Cancer Genome Browser, the first secure clinical genome browser which gives doctors unprecedented access to patients’ genetic data on their BlackBerry...

What’s New In Firefox 4.0 ?

Firefox 4.0 is out and many of you had downloaded it and using it, even you may be using Firefox 4.0 to read this post too. I too downloaded it and using...

Google Chrome Overtakes IE And Becomes Most Used Web Browser

Google Chrome has ended the era of Microsoft Internet Explorer and now becomes the most used web browser in the world


[Infographic] Use Of Smartphone In Our Daily Life

Have you ever felt that we spent our most of the time using our smartphone, I still remember those days when I bought my first...