Last year Samsung has pleased all of us by launching its flagship smartphone of 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+, these smartphones were launched at that time when Samsung was trying to clear the dust which Galaxy Note 7 has created, but even though both of these smartphones did very well and users took them hand in hand. Like always, Samsung has launched two variants of these smartphones, the Qualcomm one, and Exynos variant. The company is expected to release the Android Oreo update for the device however it got delayed due to unknown reasons.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Now after so much of waiting, finally Samsung has released the first stable variant of Android Oreo for its Exynos variants and this new update comes with all new Android Oreo features like picture-in-picture mode, notification channels, background app optimizations, notification snoozing, and more, not only this, there are plenty of Samsung UI changes as well.

This latest stable build comes with February Patch, which means you have latest security update to get secure. Samsung will start rolling out this update in next few days or weeks but thanks to some of XDA members who were able to pull the update so that you can install this without any issue and enjoy Android Oreo right now.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Disclaimer – By following the guide mentioned below, you agree that if anything happens with you or your phone, then it’s you and only you will be held responsible for, we don’t take any responsibility and for anything goes wrong. This guide will work fine for almost all variant except Korean and Duos Exynos.

Things needed –

  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ running on Android Nougat
  • ADB drivers installed on your computer
  • Odin tool, it is the official Samsung tool for flashing firmware
  • If you have Galaxy S8 Exynos (G950F), then download AQL5 Odin and AQL5 to CRAP
  • If you have Galaxy S8+ Exynos (G955F), then download AQL5 OdinAQL5 to ZRA5, and ZRA5 to CRAP
  • If you have SD Card, then copy OTA files (AQL5 to Crap for G950F & AQL5 to ZRA5, ZRA5 to CRAP for G955F) to SD card, if you don’t have an SD card then don’t worry, we will use adb method.

Installation –

  • First, install Odin and launch it
  • Now extract the Odin firmware for your respective device
  • Put your Samsung device in download mode by powering off and then pressing Bixby button + Volume down + power, now connect your device to the computer.
  • On your Odin, you will see five options on your right side, we will use four of them only.
  • Click on BL button and navigate to Odin firmware folder and select the file starting from BL, do the same with AP, CP, and HOME_CSC.
  • Click on start button and wait for Odin to flash it.
  • Once its flash, the phone will be rebooted, once it restarts, turn it off again and boot into recovery by pressing and holding the Bixby button + Volume up + power.

For Samsung Galaxy S8 (G950F) –

  • If you have SD card, then just select then apply update from SD card, and navigate to the OTA files which we had transferred to SD card. Use volume rockers to navigate and power button to select.
  • Once done, reboot device and you have Android Oreo running on your system
  • If you don’t have a SD card then launch adb on your computer and on phone, select “apply update from ADB”.
  • On adb type following command –
adb sideload <path to file>

Samsung Galaxy S8 Flash Oreo Update

  • That’s it

For Samsung Galaxy S8+ (G955F) –

  • If you have SD card then first install G955F AQL5 to by selecting “apply update from SD card”, and then once your phone reboot, it will have Android Oreo beta 6.
  • Now again reboot to recovery and select “apply update from SD card” and now flash “G955F ZRA5 to”.
  • That’s it, you have Android Oreo running system.
  • If you don’t have an SD card then launch adb on your computer and on phone, select “apply update from ADB”.
  • On adb type following command –
adb sideload <path to file G955F AQL5 to>
  • Now once your phone reboot, it will have Android Oreo beta 6.Now again reboot to recovery and run following command –
adb sideload <path to file G955F ZRA5 to>

That’s it, now your device should be running on Android Oreo. Do share your views in the comment section below.

P.S. These are legitimate files which were pulled from Samsung server, and they can be directly installed from stock recovery, don’t worry, stock recovery won’t be able to install unofficial OTA. So, you can rest assured.


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