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Like most of the touch screen devices Windows Phone too consumes very much of your battery, if you area hard user then you might see that your battery drains much earlier. If you had a Windows Phone then here are some tips which you can use to save your battery and last long :-

  • Sync Email and Calendar Updates manually

You can receive email and calendar updates on regular basis but this will consumes very much of your battery, you can turn this automatic update off and do it manually.

  • Update Some Of Live Tiles

Windows Phone comes with a nice feature which is called live tiles, this allows you to update home screen automatically, just turn live tiles off for those which are not so much important.

  • Reduce time interval before screen goes off
  • Lower the brightness setting
  • Use a dark background
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if not using
  • Turn off screen while listening music
  • Turn off Xbox Live Auto Connect
  • Use USB to connect to PC rather then Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Refresh social networking site manually


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