Many times we are running out of space on your system and it force us to delete old files and sometime we delete bunch of some useful files from our system and later we regret for that.

Any file which you store on your system holds a particular area on your hard disk and after deleting files that area will be allocated to some other file but until that area is allocated, that deleted file remains on your disk and you can recover it.

There are some premium apps available in market which allows you to recover your files but FreeUndelete is a freeware and portable app which lets you recover files which have been deleted by you on the fly.


This app is very easy to be used, just run it and select your drive from where you want to recover data, after clicking on drive clock on Scan button and within few minutes it will scan your drive and it will start showing all files which where deleted earlier.

To recover files just click on Undelete button and then select the destination where you want to save those recovered files. The overall experience with this app was good but the thing which we didn’t liked is that this app sometime rename your recovered file and it become hard to find it.



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