Official launch of Windows 11 build is just around the corner, Microsoft has said they will start rolling out update from 5th October but it may take sometime for the update to reach you as it will be rolled out in phased manner and will not be available for mass users on the same day, companies do this because it will put less load on their server, if they allow you all to download update on the same day then their server will be under heavy load, so to save from this, companies do update on roll out phase and same will be done with Windows 11 too and it might take weeks before it reaches your machine.

Leave Windows 11 Dev Insider Program

If you too using Windows 11 early build by joining Windows Insider Program, then you might be having a issue, if you want to change your Windows Insider Program from Dev to Beta or Release Preview then you might see that other two option are greyed out and you will not be able to switch.

Why Windows Insider Program Not Let You Switch –

This is because the build you are running on Dev channel is newer than the build available on Beta channel. Windows Insider Program does not let you downgrade you from newer build to older one.

So either you can wait for new build to be available on Beta channel and then the greyed out option will be gone.

But if you want to switch right now so that your machine wont update itself automatically to new Dev channel then follow below mentioned steps –

  • Press Windows+R to open the Run dialog box or just type in windows search.
  • Then type in regedit in it and hit Enter. This shall launch the Registry Editor.
  • Now navigate to following location –


Leave Windows 11 Dev Insider Program Regedit

  • On the right side double click on the UIBranch value from the right-hand side and change its value from Dev to Beta, and hit OK.
  • Now navigate to following location –


  • Again on the right side double-click on the BranchName and change its value from Dev to Beta, and hit OK.

With all that done, just restart your computer and then you will see that your Windows Insider program will be change from Dev To Beta, but it will be still greyed out but soon when next Beta Build be available, then it will be fine.


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