ASUS Announces Zenfone Campaign ‘Live the #ZenLife with Rannvijay’

From couple of week Asus is teasing using various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and today finally Asus has announced a special campaign for its exquisite Zenfone Series ‘Live the Zen life with Rannvijay’. Under this campaign, ASUS challenges Rannvijay – a Roadies star to experience the zen life with the Zenfones. This campaign spreads across five weeks and every week will bring a new challenge for Rannvijay.

Zenlife Announce

Rannvijay, an Indian television host, film actor and presenter said :-

“I am extremely excited to witness life the zen way with the amazing Zenfone. Its light weighted built, stylish look, superb battery life, and most importantly the camera and pre-loaded apps fits perfectly into my daily schedule. I am all set to enter in to the Zen life with ASUS. I am looking forward to the excitement that will be brought to me as a surprise every week.”

Peter Chang, Regional Head – South Asia & Country Manager – System Business Group – ASUS India said :-

“Its our pleasure to engage Rannvijay in our quest for delivering unparalled innovation, creativity and quality. This challenge is certain to bring the zen way of living. Over these five weeks, Rannvijay will be able to re-discover various aspects of his life and enjoy the redefined Zen life. It will be interesting to see him accompanying our flagship product of the year and further explore from his experience.”

Rannvijay will face five different challenges across the next five weeks which will be revealed as the initiative moves ahead per week. You can get update on his #Zenlife and experience with the world through Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



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