Windows 8 comes with lots of new features, one of them is Windows To Go, now you might be wondering what is this? Well as its name tell you with this feature enable you can use Windows 8 on the go.

Many times we need to access our personal computer while we are travelling, with this new feature you can create a live portable version of Windows 8 using USB and access it from any other PC without re-installing. Once you  had created Windows On The Workspace you just need to attach your USB to another PC and start using it.

You can use any USB stick to create it, and other pc in which you are going to use it must pass minimum system requirement of Windows 8.

How To Create Windows To Go?

Well Microsoft has introduced this feature in Windows 8 Enterprise edition only, you can download 90 Days free evalution copy of Windows 8 Enterprise Edition.

Once you had installed it just launch your Control Panel and click on Windows to Go, and attach your USB, it will ask you to select your USB and browse Windows 8 ISO file.


It will take some time and then create your Windows To Go Workspace USB which you can use on the go without the need to re-install Windows 8.


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