Apple has unveils its latest version of OS X in WWDC 2013. Apple has dropped its cat love and named latest version as Mavericks, and also announced that future versions of OS X will be based on places in California.

This latest version comes with latest technology which aims at increasing MacBook’s battery life, comes with time coalescing to give 1.4 times better performance as compared with Mountain Lion and also reduces CPU load time by 72 percentage.

Here are the some main feature of this latest OS X :-

App Nap :- It allows apps to not consume much memory when they are running in background, they will become active when any part of it is visible in home screen.

Safari :- Apple has tweaked and made Safari browser more responsive and stable, you will find new sidebar with reading list and bookmarks, new Safari allows you to share links more easily, iKeychain which store all username, passwords and credit cards details in encrypted form and allows you to enter your details like Credit Card number without remembering it.

Finder Tabs :- This allows you to open multiple tabs and work on them from one place much like Tabbed interface of browser. It also allows you to drag and drop tabs.

Calendar :- Apple has made its calendar app much cleaner and minimal, this app has now much deeper integration with Maps, and allows you to scroll down to months and years very smoothly. It is much like Google Calendar but with iMaps.

Notification :- Apple has improved its notification center and allows you to reply to a message, respond to a FaceTime call or even delete an email without leaving the app. News websites like Sports can send notification to your Mac much like Mobile apps, this new notification center also supports notification from iOS apps.

Tags :- This feature allows you to tag documents so that they can be categorized and can be easily access through Finder Sidebar. You can also helps you to search document on your Mac.

Multiple Display :- Apple has improved its multiple display and now you can very easily configure more than one out display without much hassle on your Macs.

This new Mac will be available later this year but Apple hasn’t announced it pricing yet.


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