It seems Amazon can’t wait couple of minutes more and let Apple announce its next generation of smartphones, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as they had listed couple of accessories online which clearly gives hint about the forthcoming device, and one thing which is clearly visible is the dual camera setup on Apple iPhone 7 Plus which was rumored from couple of months and it seems we will finally see dual camera on iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple iPhone 7 Invite

You can also see there are slightly change in design language as well, we will see the full design change and all in just couple of minutes when Apple will announce these devices, till then you can browse THIS PAGE and see all listed accessories.

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All thanks to lots of leaks of both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which are surfacing the internet from quite a long period of time and they have suggested lots of new things which we may see on this new iPhone. It is well expected that iPhone 7 will carry last year’s iPhone design language however, there will slightly change in antenna lines which now would be pushed to top and bottom edges, and iPhone 7 Plus might come with dual camera setup.

Another interesting change which we may witness is Apple might finally kill 3.5mm audio jack and use lighting port for both charging and audio as well, we have already seen this on some Android smartphones like Moto Z, LeEco Le 2, and Le Max 2. With the removable of 3.5mm audio port, we are expecting Apple to provide lighting to 3.5mm audio port adapter inside the box.

As of now nothing much has been known about dual camera setup on iPhone 7 Plus but it might help you to capture monochrome images just like of Huawei P9.

Another interesting thing which we may see is the death of 16GB model as recently we have seen many users have complaint about low storage after they have upgraded to iOS 10 or later, with this Apple will introduce the 32GB variant of both phones.

When it comes to Apple Watch, then its more than a year when Apple has launched original Apple Watch, so it’s time to update it but we are not expecting much change in design language but surely there will change in terms of specs.


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