Finally after so much of waiting, Windows Tweaker 3.0 is launched, as we all love to customize and tweak with our Windows and Windows Tweaker 3.0 is specially designed for Windows 8 and and Windows 8.1 and it allows you to customize and tweak many settings on your PC.

With Windows Tweaker you cannot only customize setting but can make your Windows more secure, fast and stable. Windows 3.0 is a freeware and portable app which need not to install. It comes with more than 170 tweaks which can make your OS more secure, fast and personal.



  1. Easy to use simple user interface
  2. Tool tips offer you guidance as to what the tweak does.
  3. Offers accessible buttons to create a system restore point and restore default values
  4. Tiny tool, super lightweight at just around 340 KB
  5. Power-packed with 170+ meaningful tweaks
  6. Portable tweaker. Does not require to be installed. To uninstall it simply delete its program folder
  7. Does not contain any adware, nor does it push crapware

All tweaks are categorized under different menus which can be accessed from left side pane like :-

System Information :- Under this menu you will find all information related to your system like Operating system version, Build, System Type, Processor, Installed RAM, Computer name, User name and the Windows Experience Index and so on.

Customization :- Under this category you will be able to tweaks settings of your Taskbar, Thumbnails, File Explorer and the Modern or Metro UI. Some additional tweaks are also offered in a separate tab. Under the Modern UI tab, you will see some cool animation tweaks too.

User Accounts :- Under the User Accounts tab, you will be able to change your User Account settings, Logon information and sign in options.

Performance tweaks :- The Performance tab offers tweaks to optimize Windows 8.1 to best suit your requirements. While most of these settings are best left at their default values, this panel gives you quick access to change them, should you wish to. Just make sure that you know, what you are doing, and don’ t tweak for the sake of tweaking.

Security tweaks :- Harden your Windows 8.1 by changing some settings. If you want to restrict access to some Control Panel applets or to some Windows feature, these tweaks will allow you to do so easily.

Internet Explorer tweaks :- Tweak your Internet Explorer 10 or Internet Explorer 11 when you open this section. Tweak IE’s appearance and behavior. There are really nice tweaks here that will allow you to control the behavior of Internet Explorer.

Additional system tweaks :- Under this category, you will see some additional system  and Network tweaks. You can also set UWT to behave the way you want it too. By default, when you apply a tweak and click Apply, UWT 3 will automatically restart explorer.exe to apply the tweak.



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