No doubt Apple’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone is one of the best smartphone you can get at this time, but one problem which most of the iPhone users found is it does not support any external media and if you need to transfer data from or to your iPhone then you will be very limited as iPhone does not support external SD card nor it allows you to transfer very piece of data over Bluetooth.

Adata Apple Products Line

ADATA,  one of the world’s leading brand in memory modules has announced investment and involvement in Apple-compatible products. The Apple Series announcement coincides with the launch this week of three ADATA products for Apple devices: i-Memory UE710 USB 3.0 Flash drive, i-Memory SD Card, and UC350 Type-C USB 3.1 OTG Flash drive.

i-Memory UE710 Flash Drive :- 

The UE710 USB 3.0 Flash drive features a dual connector design, combining Apple Lightning and USB 3.0. It offers super-convenient data transfer and backup between mobile iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and Mac or Windows PC. UE710 greatly reduces data transfer wait times, which is significant when handling large media files and especially useful wherever internet access to cloud storage is not available.

i-Memory SD Card:-

The i-Memory SD Card is designed exclusively for MacBook Air storage expansion, built using the same high-grade MLC Flash memory used in best-selling ADATA SSDs. Extremely light and portable, the i-Memory SD Card acts as speedy storage expansion much like a secondary SSD. It is the lightest accessory of its kind currently available and delivers read/write speeds of 95MB/s and 60MB/s.

UC350 Type-C OTG Dual Connector Flash Drive:-

The UC350 Flash drive incorporates the USB Type-C interface, which features a smaller connector compared to USB Type-A. The biggest advantage of USB Type-C is its reversible plug, which makes it more intuitive to use by minimizing the need to check connector alignment. For maximum convenience, the Type-C connector is embedded in a Type-A plug, so both are accessible.


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