Hack Windows 7 System Property Dialog Box

I already told you HOW TO HACK WINDOWS XP SYSTEM PROPERTY DIALOG BOX, now i am going to tell you how can we hack and add some information in Windows 7 System Property Dialog Box. Just take a look at below screen shot and see whats new there:- Did you notice some new information? Manufacturer name, model are added.And a new Support section is also added in which phone number, support hours are added and OEMlogo.bmp file is added which will be shown in right-side of “System” section. To add this in your system follow theses steps:-

  • Open regedit and navigate to:


  • Now select OEMInformation key and in right-side pane, create following String values and set their values as below:
  1. Manufacturer: Any Name You wanna give
  2. Model:- Name of model
  3. SupportHours:- like 24 x 7
  4. SupportPhone: -Any phone Number
  5. SupportURL :- Any url you wanna give
  6. Logo :- path of logo (OEMlogo.bmp file should be 96×96 in size and can be placed at any location.)

Now open System Properties by right-clicking on My Computer icon on desktop and select Properties, you will see the new entries there

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