Apple Will Launch iPad Mini And iPad 4 Today In India

As we had reported that Apple will launch iPad Mini in India in first week of December, and now Apple will be launching iPad Mini and iPad 4 today in India.

iPad Mini price will starts from Rs. 21,900 and goes to Rs 41,900, and iPad 4 price will starts from Rs 31,900 and goes to Rs. 51,900/-

iPad Mini will give tough competition to Nexus 7 which runs on Android OS and is one of the best Android tablet out there in the market.

iPad Mini Price :-

iPad Mini WiFi WiFi+Cellur
16GB Rs 21,900 Rs 29,900
32GB Rs 27,900 Rs 35,900
64GB Rs 33,900 Rs 41,900

iPad 4 Price :-

iPad Mini WiFi WiFi+Cellur
16GB Rs 31,900 Rs 39,900
32GB Rs 37,900 Rs 45,900
64GB Rs 43,900 Rs 51,900