I am using Google Chrome from a long time and love it as it has so many features which are missing in most of the other browsers. One thing I love is that if you click on any PDF link on Google Chrome then rather than downloading it, Google Chrome open it in which means you can view your PDF file before saving it.

But some guys don’t love and they want to directly download file on their computer and then they view it, well it’s a traditional way which is still adopted by other web browsers.

Cause :-

As we had already told you that Google Chrome has inbuilt Flash Player which sometime makes problem, Same thing is here Google Chrome has inbuilt PDF Viewer which means if you download any PDF then it will open it in itself.


If you want to download PDF file instead of viewing it then simply disable Google Chrome PDF Viewer for this open Google Chrome Plugin page by typing chrome://plugins/ in address bar.

Now you will get list of all plugins installed on Google Chrome, scroll down and look for Chrome PDF Viewer,


Now just disable that plugin and you are done, Now restart your browser and click on any PDF file and your file will be downloaded instead of opening it.


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