Recently India’s biggest telecom provider, Bharti Airtel has announced that now onward’s they will be charging separately for any VoIP made using any of app like Viber, Skype or any other service which lets you make video or voice calls using internet. Company has said that these servicing is highly affecting their revenue and that’s why they have to make these services chargable. However this move is highly criticized by users all across the country.

Airtel Launch VoIP Exclusive Package

Today Airtel has come up with a separate package which you can subscribe if you want to use VoIP, this ‘VoIP exclusive’ pack consisting of 75MB of data for Rs 75 which will be valid for 28 days.

To clarify Net Neutrality Airtel has said that they had invested over Rs. 140,000 crores in their network across India and have paid over Rs. 50,000 crore as Government fee to operate these services recently they had started rolling out 4G LTE data networks across India, they are investing a lot to make these services available and these VoIP services are hurting them.

In recent days we had also seen that all mobile operator’s has asked government to ask these OTT (Over The Top) player’s to share their revenue. Recently WhatsApp has almost killed SMS services and it has affected companies revenue.

In statement which is sent to media, Airtel has said :-

“Our Customers can enjoy a superior VoIP calling experience on Airtel’s network by choosing from a range of new VoIP specific data packs that will soon be launched. The Rs 75 package will allow customers to make between 200 and 250 minutes of calling. There would be no other charges in respective of VoIP calls.

VoIP services in their current form are not tenable for us as a business. As a result, we will charge separately for VoIP services. However, in line with our philosophy of putting our customers above all else – we are committed to making VoIP services extremely affordable and attractive by ensuring adequate minutes for a very small charge on VoIP,”


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