Every  blog owner or web site master wants to fight with SPAMs, they can hit your web site or blog and can make your slow which will hit you. So every web master wants to keep SPAM away from his web site.

To keep SPAM away from comments you can install Captcha and I know many of you had already implemented it on your blog. But have you ever think that you can earn money from Captcha too. well no doubt that every web master wants to earn money after all it keeps web site alive.

Well what if you can earn through Captcha, yes every time anyone comment on your blog and solve Captcha and you will get money for it. Actually SolveMedia turns your boring Captcha into Type-IN.


In place of showing some unrelated words in Captcha it shows some brand names which your users have to type, As its brand name so it will be much easier for users to type and solve it as compred with those unrelated words.

To get started you just need to visit the site and sign-up as Publisher and then will provide either code or plugins which help you to implement it on your web site. No matter which platform you are using they supports almost all like WordPress, vBulletin, Disqus, MediaWiki and so on.