Google’s new social networking site Google Plus is out for everyone and anyone having a Google Account can visit it and sign in with it and start using it.

There was a time when Google has launched Orkut and most of the Indian’s were running behind it but suddenly Facebook came and it took it over, now to tackle with Facebook and Twitter Google has launched Google+.

Facebook allows its user to update status via SMS, now Google has started this feature too, It allows its to post updates on their account.

Currently this feature is rolled out in India only, its strange because most of the time new features were first introduced in US and then other part of the world.

Now to update your account all you have to do is write down your UPDATE MESSAGE and send it to +919222222222,


This update message will be shared with all in your circle but it will not publish publicly, you can use following commands to post message in different visible style like :-

@[circle name] – To share your update with selected circles.

@[email address] – To share your message with particular friend,

@extended – To share your message with your extended circles,

@public – To make your message visible to everyone (even to search engines)

Well this will allow you to update your profile on the go even if you don’t have internet connection on phone or you don’t own a smartphone.


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