If you are using Windows 7 and usually tweak with Registry Entries then you might know that in Windows 7 some entries are reserved and you cant delete them without taking proper permission.

So today we are going to tell you How To Take Permission And Delete Any Reserved Registry Entry?

  • Ok, first of all open your Registry Editor by typing regedit in run command.
  • Now navigate to your registry entry which you want to delete.
  • Now right click on the key and select PERMISSION.

  • Now in the new dialog box click on ADVANCE.

  • Now another dialog box will appear in that navigate to OWNER tab and select your NAME on it and click APPLY and then click OK.
  • Again click OK on the first dialog box.
  • Again right click on the key and select PERMISSION.
  • Now click on your Name and then under ALLOW option click on FULL CONTROL.

  • That’s it now you will be able to delete that key.


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