Last month when Apple has announced its latest iPhone 5S, it’s the Gold variant which went out of stock as it was the most demanded version of iPhone 5S.

If you check out Apple store then you wont find gold variant in stock and if you to want to grab a gold variant then you could have to wait a little bit.


But what if I tell you that you can transform your old iPhone to gold iPhone 5S for just $2???? Sound good right.

Actually some smart Chinese merchants are selling golden stickers which can help you to transform your old iPhone.

These stickers are popular on Chinese eCommerce sites like Tabao and they are putting nice advertisements and claiming that you could save lots of money by going for these stickers.

Gold iPhones are like a status symbols and best part is that if you want to get these sticker then you don’t have to go to Chinese site, you could get them on Amazon too.


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