Todays from one of our source we got news that Apple might launch its iPad Mini and iPad 4 with retina display by first week of December here in India.

Apple has recently launched iPhone 5 in India and its struggling to fulfill its demand in India, Some distributors has reported that Apple is not shipping any new unit of iPad 3 to them and they will get fresh unit of iPad 4 very soon.

Recently Asus has launched its Nexus 7 in India with a high price tag so it will be interesting to see what price will Apple set for its smaller version of tablet. We are not confirmed for the price of iPad Mini but some sources has claimed that it will be of around 25K INR.

BGR India has reported that iPad 4 might get same pricing as iPad 3 has at this time. Apple has to make sure that they launched both cellular and WiFi version together in India as cellular version will get high demand due to very less WiFi hotspot available in India.


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