If you are on Mac OS X then now you can sync your media files from your Windows Phone 7 or Zune HD very easily.You can also sync photos and videos you captured on your phone with your Mac.


Microsoft had finally released the WP7 connector for Mac OS X,It provides following feature :-

  • Sync music, movies, TV Shows and podcasts, from your existing iTunes library, to your devices*
  • Sync photos and videos, from your existing iPhoto library, to your devices
  • Retrieve photos and videos, taken on your Windows Phone, and automatically import them into your existing iPhoto library
  • Browse and preview media items located on your devices
  • Download and install operating system updates for your Windows Phone (as applicable)

* Only unprotected (non DRM) files are supported


  • Windows Phone 7 device (any carrier) or Zune HD
  • Mac OS 10.6.6 or higher

You may use following link to download it :-

Download Link (iTunes Store)


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