PDF is one of most widely used file format over the web, its secure and light weight file which you can easily share with your friends over the internet. Adobe PDF Reader is one of the most widely used software which we use to read PDF files, but by default it wont allows you to make any changes or if you want to do some kind of editing then its not possible through Adobe PDF Reader or any other PDF reader, for it you have to buy PDF Editor.

PDF Editor Mac

PDF Editor Mac is a software application on Mac OS X that allows users to add text, insert images, put watermarks to label their copyright, changing font size and color, and perform other changes of a PDF document.

After adding text and images, you can change the text font and color, resize the image height and width or move them as well. If you need to delete some words or text from the PDF, simply click on the eraser tool then erase. Rotating certain pages and modifying document layout is also important so as multiple drawing tools like lines, brushes, horizontal lines or vertical lines. Better than normal PDF Readers and Annotators, PDF Editor Mac can permanently save the modified PDF content changes.

Usually this app cost $29.95 but for a limited period of time you can get it for free, all you have to do is download PDF Editor Mac Pro from below link :-


Now use below mention key to register yourself :-


That’s it, now you have pro version of PDF Editor Mac, you can start using it. This giveaway will end on 20th April, so hurry up.


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