If you are using Windows PC and you had typed Windows explorer many times on the address bar to open a particular folder of files then you had seens that if you try to type same address again then it will automatically shows the address, which means all address typed by you is saved by windows so that next time you can easily navigate.

But we all have some confidential files or folder which we hide it from others, and if by chance anyone typing some address on the address bar and got your address then there will be some problem for you. Then what to do??

Well don’t worry we had a simple solution for you :-

  • Open Windows Explorer and click on downward pointing arrow and you will see several address typed by you,
  • Now to delete just right click on the address bar and then click on Delete History,


  • That’s it, it will delete all previous addresses,
  • Now to check restart your Windows Explorer and check it by clicking on address bar arrow.


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