As you know that Beta version of Windows 8 is out and many of you had downloaded and testing it, when you want to shut down or turn of your computer then you have to go through a long process.

Method 1

Move your mouse to Top-Right corner of your screen, then click on Setting->Power and then select your desired option, Shut-Down/Restart Or Sleep.


Method 2

Press Alt+F4 on your computer and then you will get Shut Down Windows option, from here you can Shut Down or Restart your computer.


Bothe options are time consuming and required extra effort from your side, what if you want a fast method, well here it is, just create a Shortcut for your option on your desktop and just double click on it to launch that option.

To create Shortcut :-

  • Right click on Desktop, New->Shortcut,
  • Now just copy and paste any of the following to create shortcut,

Shutdown :- shutdown -s -t 0
Restart :- shutdown -r -t 0
Logoff :- shutdown -l -t 0
Hibernate :- rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState Hibernate


  • Click on Next and then give it any name whatever you want,


  • At last click on Finish to save your shortcut on desktop,
  • To shut down your computer just double click on it and you are done.

Bonus Tip

You can change the icon of these shortcuts, Just right click on them and then click on Properties, Under Shortcut tab click on Change Icon and then select your icon.

If you don’t wanna go through all this process, the we had created a pack which will contains all these shortcuts, just download and unpack it and get your shortcuts.




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