Get WinRar 3.80 With Full License Key For Free

As you all know that winrar is a very useful and must have archive manager for windows user.

Now you can get a free license key of Winrar 3.80 for free.There is a German Magazine PC Welt , which is giving away free license key of winrar 3.80 to its readers.

For this follow these steps:-

  • First download WinRar 3.80 from below link

Download WinRar 3.80

  • Now Open following site and Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Id, And again your email Id.

Magazine Site For Registration

  • If you get following error/Page
Bitte beachten Sie: Dieses Angebot ist in Ihrem Land nicht erhaltlich!Please note: This offer is not available in your country!

  • Then First open THIS GERMAN PROXY SITE and paste belows url into the box provided on that site and press GO

  • Now you will see that site is loading without any error And you will see a page like below:-

  • Now enter First name, Last name, E-mail address, E-mail address again.And Click ABSCHICKEN
  • Now check you mail id you will receive a e-mail.On that mail you will find 2 link just click the second one which must be like:-

  • After clicking that link it will open a page like below:-
  • Just click that link it will download your key,After downloading extract and copy your license key to %ProgranFile%WinRar
  • Thats It