Last year Reliance has entered telecom sector and it took this sector by storm, first company provides free services to its users, and they provided it for good number of months, and then when company started to charge for its services, it made its services available at very affordable rates and due to this we have seen biggest drop in the rates of data and other services in this sector. To match with Reliance Jio, other players have also slashed the price of their services to survive in the market and some player went off.

JioCinema Web

And this new entrant not only provided services at affordable rates but also introduced the suite of apps to stream live TV, movies, music and much more. Earlier, the company has introduced these apps for mobile and tablets only, but now the company is opening up and now JioMusic and JioCinema are available for PC and Laptop as well.

If you are on your smartphone then you can watch live TV, latest movies or listen to music using apps, but you need to be on Jio network to access these services, but on PC or laptop you can access these services no matter on which network you are.

How To Access JioCinema And JioTV On PC Or Laptop?

To access JioTV or JioCinema, go to* or respectively on your web browser, you need to sign-in with your Jio number, enter your Jio number and then you will get an OTP which allows you to sign-in.

Once you are in, you can access all contents from there and enjoy movies, music videos, clips, and TV channels which are available there.

We have tried this service and experience is pretty awesome, Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video on the web, but there are some options which are missing as of now, like you can select the resolution manually, and some more.

On JioCinema you will get access to more than 1 lakh hours of movies, TV shows, music videos and trailers in different languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bhojpuri and more. While JioTV allows you to watch more than 450 channels which are spread across 10 genres and 15 languages.

[*] At the time of writing this story, was under construction.


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