We all know how much presentations are important nowadays. If you are in corporate or college, then you will agree that presentations or keynotes are life-saving. Presentations are the best way to present your views to other, it is an interactive way to express and tell other what you want to tell them. But not always you are near to your laptop to manage your slides, or you want to place your laptop far away so that you can easily move on stage to cover whole audience, and here you need a presenter which can make your job much easier and simpler.

Last month Canon has launched a new series of its presenter which mainly targets corporate segment users, couple of weeks back we have got Canon PR500-R Presenter for review and we had used it for couple of weeks and we are impressed with the feedback which it has provided.

Inbox Contents of Canon PR500-R:-

Canon PR500-R comes in a simple box and when you open it up, you will get:-

  • Canon PR500-R
  • A carry pouch
  • Two AAA batteries, and
  • Some manuals

Build and Design of Canon PR500-R:-

Build wise, Canon PR500-R looks like any other presenter which you can get, the upper portion of front side has a glossy finish, rest of the body has a matte finish which allows you to hold it more properly and make a better grip with it.


You need to open the flap at the back of it to access battery compartment. You will find your USB receiver stuck at the bottom of it, it is nice to see that company has used magnets here which allows you to slide in your USB receiver when it’s not in use and it is not going to move anywhere and no fear of losing it.

There is a LED battery indicator which shows battery level, a small but nice add-on from the company. When it comes to the button, then you will find a pointer button which is a must thing on a presenter, it helps you to express your points.

The laser of this pointer is vibrant red which is easily visible on most of the surface and helps you to point out your points.

Just below your pointer button, you have a Next and Back button which allows you to navigate through your slides, and below this, you have a Slide and a Blank screen button.

Canon PR500 R

On the left side, you will find a slider which you can use to set it on Presentation or Keynote mode, and the same slider can be used for turning this device off.

One thing which I liked here is that company has kept this Canon PR500-R presenter minimal in design.

Usage Of Canon PR500-R:-

The best part of this Canon PR500-R Presenter is that it is just a plug and play devices, yes you do not require any installation or any setup, you just need to plug the USB receiver into an empty USB slot of your laptop, turn Canon PR500-R Presenter on and you are ready to rock the floor.

Canon PR500 R

Company claims that this Canon PR500-R Presenter supports a wireless range of up to 65 feets or 20 meters, I tested it from 50-55 feets and it was working flawlessly.

Final Verdict On Canon PR500-R:-

Canon PR500-R is a simple to use presenter, you just need to plug it and you are ready to use it. Canon PR500-R is small enough to fit in your palm or you can carry it in your jacket or jeans pocket very easily.

One of the best thing on this Canon PR500-R is that buttons are easy to reach and you can reach all buttons very easily from your thumb. Overall buttons placement is good.

Canon PR500 R

The pointer add-on here is appreciable and it is vibrant red which makes it easy to notice and view.

The only downside of this Canon PR500-R presenter for me is its price, it is available for Rs. 4,495 which is way ahead of its competitors like Logitech R400.


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