Recently Opera team has released first beta, Few users had reported bugs on the beta version, So Opera team has fixed those bugs and released a Beta+ version.



  • CORE-36785 (Crash on widgets using Media Elements pointing to internal resources)
  • CORE-37264 (Crash on,, and others)
  • CORE-37270 (Crash after uninstalling or disabling extension which uses tabs api)
  • CORE-37285 (Crash when enabling Dragonfly)
  • CORE-37287 (Crash on hovering floated element with transforms applied)
  • CORE-27392 (Windowed plugin position not updated when moved in overflowed container)
  • CORE-35963 (No smileys in mail composer’s TinyMCE smiley popup on
  • CORE-37273 (extension.broadcastMessage fails for message handlers on userjs side)
  • CORE-37169 (Fails to parse an XML document every second reload)
  • CORE-37199 (Opera crashes on Tomato Firmware v1.28.1816 Status Device List page)


  • DSK-328906 (Crashes on tetris, browser-pong and some other extensions)
  • Small skin fix

You may use following link to download it :-