Earlier this week, Google has announced Android Wear, which will be the special treat for wearble gadgets like smartwatches. Just few minutes ago Motorola has announced its first smartwatch Moto 360.


As said at MWC 2014, Motorola has focused on design, materials and experience and now it’s a great piece of jewel not only a tech gadget which will be placed on your wrist. Motorola is using high quality metals, leather and other stuffs to make Moto 360 which makes it “begs to be worn”.

Motorola has taken a bold step and instead of making its smartwatch square or rectangle like others had done, Motorola has went for round. It has a circular, digital watchface powered by Android Wear which has all the same functions which we see in others like Ok Google” voice control, Google Now card-style information, messaging functions and gestures controls too.

As per images we could see the sexiest smartwatch of this date, but that’s not all which will impress us, Motorola will launch it world wide this summer and if you are from USA then you will be the first to get your hands on.


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