Mozilla Firefox 4.0 is out and available for download, but few folks had complaint that few of their favorite Add-On’s are not working after upgrading.

Actually Firefox 4.0 is new and it has many changes which make Add-on to not work with it, but after a small tweak you can make it work.

Here is the tweak :-

  • Open Firefox 4.0 and type


  • It will display a security warning just tick the box and click on I’ll be careful, I promise,
  • Now right click and click New –> Boolean,
  • Now it will ask for a Preference name, type :-


  • Now it will ask for a Value just set its value false,
  • That’s it, Restart Firefox and all you Add-On will now work and even you will be able to download and install incompatible add-ons.


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