I had never liked Windows Xp Boot Screen, Windows Xp boot screen shows a big Windows logo and a process bar running which not so good, and on the other hand Ubuntu has a unique boot screen.

In Ubuntu’s boot screen you will see nicely written Ubuntu with its logo and having mirror effect in bottom and its progress bar is also good as compared to Windows Xp

If you wanna same boot screen in your Windows Xp then follow these steps:-

  • First Download Ubuntu Boot Screen From HERE
  • After downloading you will get ubuntu.bootskin inside  Ubuntu Boot Screen folder.

Now you have 2 choices either to use Tune-Up utility Or use Stardock BootSkin application.

Using Tune-Up:-

  • Open your Tune-Up utility,
  • Now navigate to Customize Windows => TuneUp Styler => Boot Skin,
  • Click on Add and navigate to the downloaded boot screen folder and select it,
  • Now Click on Install and restart you machine to see new boot screen

Using Stardock BootSkin,

  • First download Stardock BootSkin (Its a free app) from HERE,
  • Install it and after installing click on Load a BootScreen tab and then click Add New BootScreen
  • And load the downloaded boot screen and apply it,
  • Now restart your pc to see new boot screen