In recent reports it was shown that in terms of online shopping, India is witnessing higher level of growth than ever seen, and it can be seen everywhere, nowadays most of us love to shop online, its convenient and simple to use, you can shop from almost anywhere in the world, and by doing so, you will also get access to almost all brands, and all this within few mouse clicks.

GoPaisa Web UI

Most of the time these online shopping portals run offers time to time in the form of discounts, coupons or so, which you can use to buy stuff at much lower rates, but many times you won’t have knowledge that there are some offers are running and you do shopping normally.

Yes, you can always check for some coupons sites before doing shopping, but what if you get all offers details in one window, GoPaisa is a service which allows you to get access to all of these offers and discounts. It gives information about all offers which online portals are running at this time.

And if that’s not enough for you then this service also gives cashback on every purchase you are going to make of it, so its double saving here, you are getting access to discounts and when you purchase, you will get some cashback in your account.

How This Works :-

The company says they had tied up with almost all shopping portals, and yes in our test we did find that there are offers from FoodPanda, Flipkart, Amazon, PayTM and much more. So for every refer GoPaisa will get some commission from respective website, and they will share some part of their commission with you in terms of cashback.

GoPaisa Chashbacks

If this is not enough for you then you can earn more by referring your friends, and for each refer you will get Rs. 100 in your account which you can use later on.

Test Of GoPaisa

To test it, we downloaded and install this app and made some transaction on PayTM, the transaction was smooth like it should be and we did get discount on PayTM and when it comes to getting cashback on GoPaisa it took some time, in our case it took around 5 hours to show money in our account.

In a couple of cases, we completed transaction, but it got lost and it was not shown in our account, but you can contact the support team and they will help you in this case.

It might take a much longer time period if you make some purchase from Flipkart or Amazon as in these cases you only be able to use your cashback only after 30 days, and the reason behind this is simple, Flipkart has 30 days return policy, and if buyer doesn’t return item in this period then only Flipkart gives commission to its partners, GoPaisa in this case and once GoPaisa get money then you will get your cashback.

GoPaisa App :-

You can either use website of GoPaisa for making transactions or if you are on the go then you can use the app as well. App UI is simple, when you install this app, you will get all offers and deals in front.

GoPaisa Review

Once you launch the app, all offers and deals will be in front of you, you can tap on any offer and it will launch the respective website for you and from there you will be able make transaction.

Withdrawal of Money :-

Once you have a fair amount on your account, then you can withdraw money either to your Bank account or to other online wallets like Flipakrt, PayTM and so on. But there is an issue with this, GoPaisa will charge Rs. 99 on every withdraw, mean if you have Rs.200 on your account, then you only be able to withdraw Rs. 101 as rest Rs. 99 will be charged by GoPaisa.

It’s something which not everyone going to love, especially in a case when other services either charge nil or charge very less amount from you when you withdraw money from the account.

If this is not enough, then also keep in mind that GoPaisa will take a fair amount of time to transfer your money, in our case with tried to transfer some money from our GoPaisa wallet, and the company says it will take as much as 48 hours to transfer money, and at the time of writing this story its almost 39 hours and we are still waiting for transfer to get completed, after almost 42 hours we got money transferred to our PayTM account.

Support :-

When it comes to support, its okay, some users across the internet that they had received support very quickly, but when it comes to us, we had submitted a ticket and after 1.5 days we are still waiting for a reply.

Final Verdict :-

If you do lots of online shopping then you should try this app or service to get discounts and cashback, even if GoPaisa provide late cashback, you will get a discount on the respective websites in good time and it will save money for you for sure.

Pros :-

  • Lots of offers
  • Offers from almost every online shopping portal
  • Provides discount as well as cashback
  • Refer and earn option
  • UI is simple and user friendly
  • Covers almost all shopping portals

Cons :-

  • Charge Rs. 99 on every withdrawal
  • Takes long time to give cashback
  • Not every transaction is traced
  • Takes long time for withdrawal of money


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