Windows allows you to Hide any files by making them hidden so that other users wont be able to see your files, Windows also allows you to make file extension visible so that you can know what type of file you had and then you can make an idea of application which you need to open that file.

But many times you don’t want to show file extension and hidden files but on the other side many time you need to show them, you can do this by entering Windows Folder Option but it is little difficult for many of you.

HiFiTo is an portable app which allows you to Hide or show your file extensions or hidden files just through your system tray or you can say notification area. All you need to do is download and run this portable app and then it will sit on your system tray.


To Hide or Show File Extension or Hidden File right click on it and go with your desired option, it also allows you to do same work by shortcuts to, by default it comes with hotkeys which you can change according to your needs.




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